Ostali kuhinjski aparati

Esperanza Prednje/ Zadnje Svjetlo za Biciklo EOT015
Powerful white front and red rear light, Easy assemnly of the kit, Long working time, Multifunctional, Spray resistant, Power : 4x AAA (front light - not included) | 2x AAA (rear light - not included)
15,00 KM
XO Led Lampa OZ06
XO Stona LED Lampa OZ06 kontrola tri boje 800mAh, Veličina proizvoda: 12,5 cm x 6 cm, 14 cm x 4 cm, 32.5cm
Težina: oko 237 g
17,00 KM
Esperanza Električni mlin za biber Sarawak EKP002
Pepper grinder will make everyday activities in the kitchen easier. With one button, it will grind spices to the desired thickness in seconds, High-quality stainless steel, LED lighting during use, Length: 23 cm, Diameter: 5 cm, Power: 4 AA batteries (not included)
23,00 KM
XO Led Lampa OZ07
XO Stona LED Lampa OZ07 kontrola tri boje + daljinski 1200mAh
27,00 KM
Esperanza kuhalo za vodu Titanum TKK001S Silver
Kapacitet: 1.8 l, Snaga: 1800 W, Dužina kabla: 0.75 m, Skriveni grijac, Zaštita od pokretanja bez vode u ketleru Automatsko gašenje kada voda proključa, Prekidač za uključivanja/isključivanja, Boja: Srebrno-crna
28,00 KM
Esperanza Prsna Izdajalica Manuelna Bebe ECM002B
Bottle for milk 150 ml, Dimensions of the funnel: 8.7 x 0.5 cm, A comfortable massage pillow for the skin, Highly efficient suction funnel, Does not contain bisphenol, The childs natural sucking effect
30,00 KM
Esperanza Ručni Mikser Muffin EKM007E 150W
Rated power input: 150 Watt, 2 stainless steel stirrers, 2 stainless steel whisks, Adjustable speed: 7 gears, The EJECT function ensures stable assembly and convenient removal of mixers and beaters, Weight: 0.4 kg
31,00 KM
Esperanza Sonični uređaj za čišćenje lica Gioia EBM003T
Deep and gentle cleansing, Relaxes and refreshes the face, Power supply: rechargeable USB (micro USB cable included), Li-ion battery: 3.7 V 1200mAh, Time required to fully charge: approx. 1.5 h, Operating time of a charged battery: up to 4.5 h, 3 modes of operation: vibration 3600 rpm, vibration 5280 rpm, pulse 2000 - 5000 rpm, Waterproof - classified: IP67, Size: 13.0 x 8.0 x 3 .5 cm
31,00 KM
XO Automatic Soap Dispenser
Fast and reasonable bubble volume, introduction of bubbles quickly in 0.25s, reasonable control of the amount of bubbles is easier, no bubbles left, Infrared sensor, smart sensor reaches for bubbles. Power supply: 4x AAA batteries (not included) Capacity: 450ml
32,00 KM
XO Usisivač za Auto CZ001A
Car-mounted wired vacuum cleaner, strong suction, wet and dry, Equipped with 5 kinds of connectors, solve all kinds of dead corners, and easily vacuum, High-speed automatic cleaning head, closed cleaning, easy to absorb liquid, solid, hair, etc., 360-degree circular cyclone, long-lasting strong suction suction filter without residue, 120W high power, 12V voltage, power supply mode: cigarette lighter head, Copper wire movement, intelligent movement automatic adjustment, limited noise reduction, continuous stability and no heat, The filter/dust box can be removed and washed, and it can be washed repeatedly without consumables, ABS material, 5 meters extension cord, product size: 330*90*90mm
32,00 KM
XO Thermometer PD-08
Zadnji artikli na skladištu
Mjerenje: 32,0 C-42,9 C (89,6 F-107,6 F), Numerizacija: -50 C-260 C (-58 F-500 F), Mjerna udaljenost: 1-10cm, Napajanje: DC: baterija 2 1,5v (AAA) (ne uključuje), Tačnost mjerenja: 0,3 C / 0,5 F za 32 C 35,9 C, 0,2 C / 0,4 F za 36 C 39 C, Rezolucija zaslona: 0,1 C / 0,1 F
33,00 KM
Esperanza Električni Rešo Etna EKH012K
Heating surface diameter: 15.5 cm, External dimensions of the cooker: 21 x 21 x 6 cm, Power cord length: 0.75m, Smooth 5-step power regulation, Overheating protection, Indicator light (on/off), Made of heat-resistant materials, Non-stick coating - very easy to clean
33,00 KM
Esperanza Kuhalo za vodu Tugela EKK104X Inox
Capacity: 1.8 l, Maximum power: 2200 W, Power supply: 220-240 V, 50 Hz, Length of power cable with plug: 0.75 m, Material: plastic, stainless steel, Automatic shutdown after boiling water, Protection against boiling without water
34,00 KM
Esperanza Aparat za Waffle Blueberry EKT008 1000W
Power: 1000W, AC input frequency : 50 / 60 Hz, AC input voltage : 220 - 240V, Power indicator light, Operation indicator light, Rectangle, Non-stick coating, Thermal insulating handle, Automatic temperature control, Anti-slip feet, Dimensions: 23.1 x 23.1 x 7.7cm
40,00 KM